Diversity and Inclusion in Government Graduate Studies (DIGGS)

What does a social scientist do?

Join us for our week-long workshop on social science research design and methods. Explore exciting research across the spectrum of political science.


DIGGS (Diversity & Inclusion in Government Graduate Studies) is a faculty-led initiative based at the University of Texas at Austin. We are excited to host our first-ever Workshop for Social Science Methods.

Our goal is to introduce students from underrepresented groups to the practice of graduate-level social science research.

The program is a week-long series of seminars geared towards students with an interest in studying government and political science at the graduate level. We will investigate exciting faculty research, while exploring the ins-and-outs of social science: an introduction in statistics, research design techniques, and theoretical tools.

Why social science?

How do societies create effective and resilient institutions, such as governments?

How can we aggregate information possessed by individuals to make the best decisions?

Why do so many female workers still earn less than male workers?

What are the sources of social inequality, and how does it relate to political institutions and social structures?

Giles, J. Social science lines up its biggest challenges. Nature 470, 18–19 (2011). https://doi.org/10.1038/470018a

Many of the biggest questions facing us today, from predicting civil violence to understanding social inequality, are critical to the field of social science. How do we go about asking the right questions, and what methods should we use to answer them?